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Company Profile

Blueflower has been established to provide software solutions designed to address the needs of the Palliative Care sector within Great Britain and Ireland and was inspired by the innovative work in software development carried out by St Ann’s Hospice and the Neil Cliffe Cancer Care Centre in Manchester. This initial development aimed to provide a software based solution to patient care for hospices; written and developed using the in-depth knowledge that only a hospice could provide. An approach which provides a focused solution to the unique needs of the sector, reflecting an insiders view of what today’s hospice movement requires.

Blueflower has taken these developments a stage further and is now actively engaged in the promotion and development of the original St Ann’s Patient Data System, now renamed Practis.

Blueflower, is focused entirely on the hospice and palliative care sector and enjoys a close working relationship with the hospice movement including St Ann’s Hospice, who continue to provide both clinical and management input into the direction and ongoing development of Practis.